CannActive Life Founder,

Mary Therese (MT)

The Story Behind CannActive Life

Hello! I’m Mary Therese, founder of CannActive Life.

I started CannActive Life to share my passion for all things CBD with anyone seeking a safe, natural alternative for healing.

CBD has helped me so much in my life and once I’d experienced the powerful benefits of it, I’d made it my mission to spread the CBD love by delivering gold-standard products that are USDA Certified Organic and 100% awesome. 

Here is my CBD story…

I grew up swimming competitively until painful hip tendonitis sidelined me for years. Luckily, after I had children, I rediscovered the pool, my happy place. I took Aqua Gym classes, which gradually restored my body and mind.

However, frigid temps in the Northeast often postponed my beloved hydrotherapy, leaving me feeling discouraged and sedentary for months, sans pool.

CBD changed all of this.

Within a week of using a daily CBD oil tincture, I felt energetic, happy to get out of bed, and excited to be active with my kids again, regardless of the weather. I always want to be a great role-model for them by staying fit and positive. 

I wanted to know more, so I did a ton of research on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, attended CBD conventions, and continued to put the touted products to the test on my chronic hip and knee pain. I felt incredible.  

CBD gave me back my mojo! And this restored mojo motivated me to start CannActive Life!

I’m so proud to be a woman in the male-dominated CBD/cannabis industry. I think a woman’s touch makes everything a little better, don’t you?

Mary Therese was recently named an East Fishkill Living Expert!

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